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Kattery Bridge Club GNOT Swiss Pairs


Up to 8 tables qualifies the top 2 pairs

9 to 13 tables qualifies 4 pairs

14 to 19 tables qualifies 6 pairs

20 to 24 tables qualifies 8 pairs

25 to 27 tables qualifies 10 pairs

Any two (or three) qualifying pairs can join together to form a team for the Metropolitan GNOT final later this year.

Only pairs who have qualified (using the above schedule) can form a team of 4 players or 6. However, a team of 4 players can augment any pair from anywhere as their third pair. There are no qualifying conditions on that 3rd pair.

Transfer responses to a 1C opening and TWERB are permitted for this event. If you wish to play any other unusual system or convention, the director, Keith Kat, must be contacted on or before July 1st.



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