Supporting Responder with 3 cards in their major

Tuesday 5th October – 6.30 pm


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You have 3 cards in responder’s major. There are some hands where you should support responder rather than rebidding notrumps or your own suit.

This online workshop shows you the types of hands where you, as the opener, will support responder instead of making your alternative bid.

This is even more invaluable in competitive auctions. We discuss choices you can make and why you make them.

And then, from responder’s point of view, we discuss what responder’s options  are when opener supports them.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This online course is the first in a series of bidding workshops using zoom and bbo.

It is for all players who want to improve their bidding and understand what their partner is trying to show.

Learning Path

You open the bidding and responder bids a major. Which hands should you be raising responder on?

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You have opened the bidding and Responder has bid 1H or 1S. The next hand overcalls. Should I bid again? Should I support responder? What does a double mean?


How to continue your bidding after opener has raised your major. This lesson looks at all your possible continuations and what they mean to opener.

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