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Winning Notrump Play 2

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Uncover the Mysteries of declarer play 2 continues your journey to becoming a more successful declarer at notrumps.

Eight card suits…when are my small cards winners?

Finessing…learn the logic behind finessing…and how to take one…and

Which card should you play from dummy at trick one. Discover easy ways to know which is the right card to play on the opening lead.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This online course is the second in a series where Keith helps you uncover the mysteries of notrump play.

It is for all players who do not know when their long suits are winners, who are unsure how to finesse and who do not know which card to play from dummy at trick one.

Learning Path

Once you have counted your top tricks, you then need to establish extra tricks. This lesson shows you how to establish extra tricks when you have an eight card fit and introduces you to the 2nd round rule.

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Learn the reasons why we take a finesse and see how finesses work

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The card you play from dummy at trick one is the difference between making or losing your contract.

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