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Winning Notrump Play 5

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Uncover the Mysteries of declarer play 5 continues your journey to becoming a more successful declarer at notrumps. View a sample of the course

Finessing…learn how to successfully finesse the King when you have the Ace opposite the Queen and Jack
The Hold-Up Play…When you have two stoppers in the opponent’s suits, you still need to hold up. Learn when to win your first stopper and why…and see how you can nullify the threat of their long suit
The Rule of 11…When the opponents lead a low card; the Rule of 11 lets you look into the opponent’s hands (figuratively speaking) and make the winning play time and time again

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Who is the course for?

This online course is the fifth in this series where Keith helps you uncover the mysteries of notrump play.

It is for all players who want to know become more successful declarers of notrump contracts

Learning Path

When you have the Ace opposite the Queen-Jack, it is sometimes right to lead an honour…and sometimes a low card. Learn the difference and take more successful finesses

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The Hold Up Play is a great way to cut the opponent’s communications. Holding two stoppers gives you the luxury of deciding when to hold up. 

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The Rule of 11 is better than sliced bread…well, almost. It gives you the blueprint…in the suit led…of which significant high cards both opponents hold.

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