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Welcome to this workshop on TRANSFERS

Transfers are the companion to Stayman.

Transfers are used after a player has opened 1NT,  overcalled with 1NT, opened with 2NT or overcalled with 2NT…and Responder holds a 5-card major…or a 6 card minor suit.

With Transfers, Responder can ensure that on almost every hand, the opener will end up playing the contract. Plus, the responder can now show every imaginable type of hand, whether they hold:

  • a 5 card major,
  • a 6 card minor
  • 5-4 in the majors
  • a weak hand
  • an invitational hand
  • a game forcing hand, or
  • a hand looking for slam

Transfers make bidding over 1NT so much easier.

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Lesson Content
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Opener's rebid
Responder has transferred to a major and opener has taken the transfer. What does responder bid now?
Responder has invited game or bid game
Transferring to the minors
How to show 5-4 in the majors
Transfers after 2NT
Super Quiz
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