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Winning Notrump Play 3

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Uncover the Mysteries of declarer play 3 continues your journey to becoming a more successful declarer at notrumps.

Finessing…learn how to successfully finesse when you are missing two honours
Which card to play at trick one (part 2)…See how the possession of the ten makes a big difference in the choice of card you play from dummy at trick one.
Entries…Start learning how to manage your entries so as to maximise your chances of making your notrump contracts.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This online course is the third in a series where Keith helps you uncover the mysteries of notrump play.

It is for all players who want to know how to finesse when missing two honours, which card to play from dummy at trick one when they hold the ten, and how best to manage their entries.

Learning Path

Missing two honours in your long suit often feels too daunting to tackle, and often leads to missed opportunities. Let me show you how simple it really is.

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See the difference that holding the ten makes, to your play at trick one.

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Here I introduce you to Managing your entries. I will show you how you can take control, and keep control, of a notrump hand

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