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And becoming a winning bidder

BECOME A WINNING BIDDER…And always finish at the right level.

  • Bid SLAM when you have the points to bid slam,
  • bid GAME when you should be in game, and
  • STAY OUT OF GAME when your side does not have the points to make game.
Topics include 
  • How do I know when to invite partner to bid game?
  • Should I accept an invitation to bid game?
  • When should we go for slam?
  • How do I know if partner has limited their hand?
  • When should I invite my partner to bid game, after I have made a takeout double?
  • Evaluating how far we can go in the bidding
  • And all these topics cover the questions from both sides of the table!
  • And quizzes…? There are over 100 questions designed to help you become a winning bidder

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How high should I bid
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