Grand Slam TWO

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 Price: $120. This course runs for 28 days. You are not yet enrolled in this course. 

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This course is designed to really exercise your brain.

Improve both your bidding and your play. With weekly bidding quizzes, Opener hand evaluations, Responder hand evaluations, you will see bidding in a whole new light. Then watch as Keith takes you on a voyage of discovery in how to play a hand. This month there is an intensive training workshop on Stayman. Keith really gets you involved in understanding thus simple, yet often misused, topic. And finish off with a quiz to test your opening leads

  • Weekly bidding quizzes – bid 16 hands every week
  • Weekly hand Analysis – Come with Keith as he analyses the bidding. Sometimes it will be from opener’s perspective, sometimes from responder’s perspective, and sometimes from the defender’s perspective
  • Play hands through the eyes of a world class declarer
  • A monthly intensive workshop – Modern Major Suit Raises – Part One.

This course costs $30 per week and runs for 28 days and includes the content of weeks 5 to 8 of the ongoing GRAND SLAM course.

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