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Lift your spirits and play bridge with Keith

My wife, Brigitte, says “If you want to have a lovely time playing bridge on the computer…
you will soooo enjoy playing and defending with Keith.
Make a three and take Keith as your fourth.
You will see bridge in a new light! And your bridge ability will soar”
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Begin your journey to fun filled bridge by playing with Australian expert, Keith Kat.

Play the hand as if Keith is sitting on your shoulder. Hear his expert tips on what you should look for as you bid the hand…and then as you play the hand

Opening leads and defence are hard, right? Keith shows you simple ways to choose your opening lead, and then how to think as the hand plays out.

You need a BBO account, see how to get one here. Ideally Keith would like to chat with you on Zoom. If you are planning on inviting one or two friends, they too need a BBO account.

For a limited time you can play bridge with Keith for $80 for one hour. Times are by agreement.

“This has been a great way to improve our bridge game for 4 friends playing as a table.”

Kathy C

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Where you can take your brain for exercise...and signifcantly improve your bridge!

In depth Training

Train your brain. Learn all the tips and techniques of the expert declarer.

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Stretch your brain with quizzes designed to improve your bidding

Premium Material

Invaluable training workshops and one-on-one teaching

Workshops in the BRAIN GYM

We are asking for aces.

Blackwood - How to ask for aces and their responses

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The secret to winning bridge

Become a better bidder - and always play at the right level

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Stayman 1NT 15-17

Stayman after 1NT 15-17 and 2NT

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Takeout doubles

The complete course on takeout doubles

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The complete course on Overcalling

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Modern Day Raise Strucure – Part one

Modern Day Structured Raises - Part One

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Wide Range Stayman 15-18 notrump

Wide Range Stayman for 15-18 Notrump

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Five Card Major Suit Stayman after 2NT

Five card major Stayman after 2NT 20-22. This is a standalone course

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Five Card Major Suit Stayman 16-18

Five card major Stayman after 1NT 16-18 and 2NT 20-22

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Five Card Major Suit Stayman 15-17

Five card major Stayman after 1NT 15-17 and 2NT 20-22

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SUPER Stayman

This course contains Wide Range Stayman, 5 card major Stayman for both 15-17 and 16-18 notrump and 5 card major Stayman after 2NT

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The 2C Game Force

The 2C Game Force opening bid

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Stayman 1NT 16-18

Stayman after 1NT 16-18 and 2NT

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